5 Ways to use a Tiered Tray

The sun is shining today and we are going to have record warm temps tomorrow! 60 glorious degrees. All the rain has melted 90% of the snow and I can see my (albeit grayish) lawn! Even though we are still weeks and weeks away from spring, I can feel it coming. There is sunlight at the end of the grey tunnel. When I heard that this month’s theme for my Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart post was outdoor, I was excited to browse all the fun outdoor items. While it is still too early to go crazy with adding things outside, I found some planters that work inside and I picked up this sweet tiered tray. While it may be meant for BBQs, there are a million ways you could use this! I’m going to share my favorite five.




Seedling Tray

If you like to start some seeds inside before planting them outside in your flowerbed or garden, this is the perfect place to put them! It is easy to just pick it up and carry it to the sink when you need to water and if the pots leak, the metal tray contains the water. Move it around to find the sunniest spots during the day or even set it on the porch on a warm day.


seedlings in metal tiered tray




Laundry Tote

Dryer balls, dryer sheets, a bowl for loose change (and legos and marbles), rags, spot remover, and anything else laundry related can fit on this tray for easy access. It would also make a good cleaning caddy. Add your favorite cleaning supplies and be able to easily take them from room to room as you freshen up.


metal tiered tray for laundry supplies




Fruit Bowl

I like having a big fruit bowl but there tends to be issues with the softer fruit like peaches and pears when they get squished at the bottom. The tiered tray makes it so you can separate them and keep everything in good eating condition. Plus, I think it looks nice having the colorful fruit on display


metal tiered tray for fruit


tiered tray for fruit


Office Supply Storage

If we don’t have a designated place for mail to go we lose things. Important things. I love that the top shelf of this is the perfect size for mail! I filled the bottom with jars for the supplies that normally get lost in the desk drawers. You could also use this for homework supplies or art supplies so the kids could take it when needed to which ever surface they are working on. Super handy!



tiered tray for office supplies




Party Time!

The tray has no front or back. It would be perfect for the center of a table at a party for all the napkins, cups, and plates. People could easily reach from either side to get what they need. Or you could fill the whole thing with cupcakes!

cupcake and party supply tiered stand




Some other ideas would be to add it to your bathroom with soaps, hand towels, Q-tips, etc.

Maybe put it in your guest room with all the supplies you guest may need. If you don’t have a guest room like me, you could keep it in a closet and pull it out when you have people come to stay. Set it where ever they are crashing.

Fill it with fresh flowers and use it as a centerpiece.

If you lack enough kitchen drawers, set it on your counter and add jars filled with utensils.

Put your gardening supplies in it and tote it around the yard as you work.


So I am curious, how would you YOU use this metal tiered tray?


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I am a brand ambassador for Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. This was a sponsored post on their behalf but the ideas and thoughts are all my own!

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