a little valentine making party

a little valentine making party

Yesterday after school, we had a little valentine making party.  We had all the parts for our valentines, but I wanted to put up a little decor, and figured it was a good excuse for a party, so here is a little inspiration if you are wanting to do the same over the weekend!

(Sources for above: paper heart garland; love glitter garland; heart napkins; similar heart pillowsplastic heart; rainbow party plates; pink letterboard; other small items snagged from Target $1 spot)

I put all the little critters for the valentines in a bowl, printed off enough cards for their classmates, and then we picked out which animals their friends might like and put names on them!

(find printables here, dinos, dragons, unicorns, and cats)

The girls also had fun making these little heart guys!

I made some chocolate chip cookies, and had some conversation hearts and hershey kisses out for treats.  A little chocolate goes a long way to make an afternoon feel special!

We also had fun making these little conversation heart doilies with adhesive glitter letters (I bought them at Michael’s)!

It was such a fun way to have a little special time celebrating!  I’ve never been much of one to celebrate valentine’s day, but it is extra sweet with kiddos.

If you need a last minute, no-candy valentine option, check these out!  I have printables you can download, and the little critters are from amazon.

Hope your weekend is filled with spending time with those you love!

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