Apple previews new emoji coming to iOS and watchOS

Today is World Emoji Day, and Apple is celebrating by teasing some of the upcoming emoji characters that it’ll release later this year.

Apple teased quite a few emoji characters today, including a man with a beard, a breastfeeding woman, a zombie, a zebra, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a sandwich. There were also some new takes on the standard yellow smiley face, like a face with starry eyes, a silly face with its tongue sticking out, a face with its mind blown, and a vomiting face.

Apple new emoji starry eyes, vomit, mind blown, silly

These new emoji will be released onto iOS, watchOS, and macOS devices later this year.

Emoji are becoming increasingly popular, and the release of new emoji characters is pretty big news to a lot of people. These new emoji from Apple look pretty nice and are sure please iOS, watchOS, and macOS users when they’re rolled out later this year.

How often do you use emoji?

Apple new emoji hijab, beard, yoga, breastfeeding

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