Beyoncé Has Dropped Out of Coachella 2017

For the festival-goers among us, the fact that Beyoncé was headlining Coachella was the most exciting act of the season. Any performance from Queen Bey becomes a singularity in the pop culture sphere, but as this would be her debut at the festival as a solo act, it had all the makings of a truly monumental moment. But that is now no more than a dream, as Beyoncé has completely dropped out of Coachella 2017.

But before you get all excited, know that it was not so much a decision on Bey’s part but a direct command. In case you forgot, she’s had a rather interesting medical development that may impede with things like performing physically demanding performances for crowds of hundreds of thousands of people two weekends in a row. Which is why she has left the festival under doctor’s orders.

No word yet on who will replace her, but in a statement Coachella did have something of a silver lining. Beyoncé has already agreed to do the festival in 2018. So better luck next year anxious Bey-fans.

Watch Beyoncé’s Grammy acceptance speech for her recent win of Best Urban Contemporary Album below.

In other music news, remaining Coachella headliner Kendrick Lamar has appeared on the just-released new album Drunk from Thundercat. Listen to it right here.

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