Convention brings vintage toys, memorabilia to Altamonte Springs Hilton

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — Part-time Ghostbuster Ryan Stiner arrived at Collect-A-Con looking to bolster his collection of vintage toys and action figures, which already spill out of two bedrooms of his Davenport home.

Of his finds at the convention was an action figure he didn’t know existed: a Bodacious Birthday Raphael Ninja Turtle figure.

“Dressed as a magician, ready to perform magic for a child’s birthday party,” said Stiner, who himself was outfitted as a Ghostbuster of his own likeness. “Any little 10-year-old boy — or 38-year-old boy — would be proud to get this.”

He and his wife drove up to scope out the inventory of more than a dozen local collectors, dealers and shops specializing in toys and memorabilia from the past. The Stiner family’s in-home collection touts more than 6,000 comic books and a Lego city sprawling across six banquet tables.

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