Glass Etched Vase

I tend to hoard certain things. Throw pillows, plants, books, and vases are just a few. I probably have too many vases but I don’t care. I LOVE fresh cut flowers and I love to have have options when it comes what to put them in.  I have posted pictures with this glass etched vase on my blog and have received several emails asking where I bought it. Guess what? It’s a DIY 🙂


glass etched vase

I have done a couple of different designs.

DIY glass etched vase

It is super easy to do and I think one you glass etch, you will hooked!

Here are what you will need:

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Glass etching cream

Electrical tape or vinyl

Inexpensive paint brush

Glass vase ( I buy buy at the dollar store)


Tape off the design you want/ If you want words or a more complicated design, you may want to cut it out of vinyl.  Electrical tape works best because it stretches and bends so well.

Brush on the glass etching cream after reading the direction and warnings on the bottle.


Tip: If you are doing a solid are like this one, make sure to overlap the tape to prevent the etching cream from getting through the cracks.


After you have waited the appropriate amount of time that the bottle suggests, carefully rinse off the cream.

Once it is rinsed you can dry it off and then take off the tape or vinyl.


It is seriously that easy! I have loved playing around with etching different things. One of my favorite projects was the thrift store mirror I etched.

What will you etch? 



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