Gray Paint for Kitchen Cabinets {Help Me Decide!}

I’ve written about the challenge of picking out gray paint before when I painted my down bathroom. It is a tricky color. If it has a blue undertone it can look baby blue on the walls. If it has too red of an undertone it can look purple. Not to mention the green undertones. I like my grays to have as little of an undertone as possible or a slightly yellow undertone which makes it feel warmer.

One of the next projects on my list is to paint our kitchen cabinets. I need to hurry up since it could snow at any moment. Right now it is in the high 60’s but in Utah, that can change very quickly! I collected paint chips from a few different places. I had about 20 different chips and I have narrowed it down to 9 colors. I would love your input, especially if you have used any of these colors before. I’m on a quest to find the best gray paint for my kitchen cabinets!

My cabinets right now are a creamy white. Once I painted my walls white, they just seemed dingy. I have lived with them that way for so long because I couldn’t decide whether to go bold and paint them navy blue, or choose something more neutral. I finally decided to go with a medium gray since our kitchen door is blue. Here the top 9 picks with a few starred that I am more seriously considering.

Behr Silver Marlin, Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray, and Sherwin Williams Repose Gray are the current top 3 choices (although I do worry a bit that Repose is too light). I held up the sample of flooring we are considering and the flooring looked the best with those three since they are warmer and the flooring is a medium brown. The bottom two from Benjamin Moore came off quite blue against the flooring.

Really, any of these 9 would work. I sincerely think they are all great colors of gray paint for cabinets. I would love it if you guys were to weigh in! What are your favorites?

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