HTC keyboard app begins showing ads for some users

Smartphone users are used to seeing ads on the web and sometimes in games, but apparently some HTC users are now seeing ads on their keyboard, too.

Reddit user Azirack started seeing ads on the default keyboard of his HTC 10 over the weekend. As you can see in the image below, the ad appears above the numbers and shortcut buttons, obstructing a good chunk of what you’re trying to see on-screen.

HTC keyboard ads

HTC has responded to the appearance of these keyboard ads, and the the good news is that this isn’t the new normal. HTC says that an error is causing these ads to appear and that a fix will be released “as soon as possible.”

Seeing ads on your smartphone’s keyboard could be quite a pain. Not only would the ads take up valuable screen space, but because you’re tapping on your phone’s screen to write out a message or something else, there’s a chance that you could accidentally tap the ad while typing and then get kicked away from what you were doing.

Here’s to hoping that HTC gets its fix for these keyboard ads out soon.

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