Is the Nokia 3310 the perfect backup phone?

Nokia 3310

Most of us keep our smartphones on us at all times. A connection to the rest of the world, from social media, to staying in touch directly with friends and family, and even work, our smartphones have become an incredibly important part of our lives. Keeping them functional is also important, because no one wants a $600 paperweight.

But, accidents happen, and, for whatever reason, getting that smartphone fixed or replaced might not be the easiest thing to do, or even possible. While insurance certainly makes it easier, even with a discounted price tag, getting a new (or fixed) phone isn’t always a possibility.

So, a backup could be a good idea.

I technically have a backup, but it’s not a phone that I’m happy to use in the times that I’ve had to. It’s an old phone, a device that’s probably a version-and-a-half behind the latest variant of Android, and it runs as such with its less-than-high-end specifications. It was a cheap phone when I got it, and, well, it’s only doubled down on that aspect in the years since.

I’ve only had to use it a couple of times since it’s been activated as a backup. Once because my main phone shattered after I dropped it on a sidewalk, and another because I was in the process of upgrading, had sold my daily driver, and my new phone wasn’t meant to arrive for a couple of days. Bad timing.

I think part of the frustration isn’t so much that it’s not my phone, but more that it’s still a smartphone, so I want it to have all the features I’m used to, but I know that it doesn’t have. So maybe those frustrations would go away if I just adopted a backup phone that was a “dumb phone.” Something remarkably simple, that just did the very basics and that’s it.

Nostalgia wouldn’t be a bad addition to the mix, of course.

I’m someone that did indeed own a Nokia 3310 back in the day, and I was certainly excited to hear it might be getting revitalized in today’s busy market. Seeing a colorful Nokia brick phone should put a smile on anyone’s face that remembers this ancient classic. And now that it’s official, I can’t help but want one.

The new Nokia 3310 will have a long-lasting battery, and it’ll let you play the classic Snake, which is cool, but obviously leaning heavy on that past. And with a price tag that’s apparently going to be under $100, well, that’s pretty great. It seems like the perfect backup phone, especially in a pinch. (Apparently the phone won’t work in the U.S., so that’s a bummer.)

Are you at all interested in the Nokia 3310, even as a backup phone? With a cheap price tag and sturdy build with long battery life, it does seem like a great option for the “just in case” situations. What do you think of the new Nokia 3310?

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