Latest LG G6 teaser touts the camera features of the upcoming Android flagship

LG G6 logo official

One week before the LG G6’s official debut, LG has decided to tease the cameras on its upcoming Android flagship.

LG says that the G6 has dual rear cameras, both of which feature 13-megapixel sensors. The difference is that one is a 125-degree wide angle camera while the other is a standard lens. To compare, the LG G5 included a 135-degree wide angle rear camera to go along with its standard camera, but that wide angle lens was an 8-megapixel shooter.

The LG G6 will also have a wide angle camera on its face. Specifically, LG says that the G6’s front-facing camera will offer a 100-degree wide angle lens.

LG G6 wide angle camera

LG is also giving the G6 some camera-centric software features. Thanks to its 18:9 display, the G6 will be able to show your recent photos as you’re taking them, eliminating the need to jump from your camera app to your photos app.

Other camera features include a 1:1 shooting mode that’ll produce photos ready for Instagram and similar social networks, a shooting mode that’ll fill the G6’s 18:9 display, a 360 Panorama Mode, special selfie filters, and a GIF creator that’ll let you combine between two and 100 images into a GIF format video.

LG’s flagship smartphones have long focused on offering high-quality camera experiences, so it’s no surprise to hear that LG is placing an emphasis on camera performance with the G6, too. 

The LG G6 will make its official debut on February 26.

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