LeEco updating its smart TVs to include DirecTV Now app

LeEco offers free DirecTV Now trials with the purchase of a Ecophone or EcoTV, and now folks that buy one of the company’s televisions will have much easier access to the DirecTV Now service.

LeEco is now pushing a software update to its Super4 X65, X55, X43 Pro, and uMax85 televisions that includes a DirecTV Now app. After updating, the app will appear in the Apps section of your LeEco TV. This is a nifty addition because you can now simply navigate to the DirecTV Now app built into your TV to enjoy your three free months of DirecTV Now service.

To update, you can turn on your LeEco TV and you should see a software update alert. If no alert appears, you can manually check for an update by going to the System Update app on your television.

LeEco’s offer of three months of DirecTV service with the purchase of an Ecophone or EcoTV will be available through June 30, 2017

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