Microsoft Edge browser now available on Android

One week after Microsoft launched a preview of its Edge browser on iOS, the app has become available on Android as well.

Microsoft Edge can now be downloaded from the Play Store. This is a preview release, meaning that you may encounter some bugs. Microsoft has enabled users to submit feedback in the app, so if you do run into problems, you can report ‘em that way.

Microsoft Edge browser data sync Android iPhone

Microsoft’s Edge browser offers features like Continue on PC, which lets you move what you’re browsing from your phone to your PC. There’s also a Reading View that’ll reorganize content on a webpage to make it easier to read, a QR code reader, and InPrivate for private browsing.

There’s no shortage of web browser options on Android, but it’s still good to see Microsoft finally bring Edge to the platform. With it, Windows users that use Edge on the desktop can easily jump between their PC and phone and keep browsing where they left off, and they can sync their favorites and reading list between devices, too.

To try out Microsoft Edge for Android, hit the link below.

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