My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

My 21 favorite spring projects from 9 years of blogging

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

I’ve been going through my projects over the past almost 9 years and it’s been amazing to see that I have posted over 3,000 ideas.

I’m trying to find a way to make it easier to find past projects, so I thought it might be fun to post a few Spring ideas that are on my site!

Colorful Spring Block Mantel

Spring Flag Printable

These wood block letters are fun to make. You can paint the edges any color you want. And you can write any word that you want too!

Bunny Cheese Ball Recipe

Spring Flag Printable

Perfect for any type of Spring party, this Bunny Cheeseball will be the hit of the appetizer table.

Spring Flag Printable

Instead of a traditional Spring wreath. hang a festive watering can on your door for a memorable entrance.

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

Flower pot ladder spring planter

Spring Hanging Flower Ladder

Make a DIY ladder and hang Spring flowers in pots. It’s an unusual and beautiful way to beautify your Spring porch.


Spring Flag Printable 

Add a happy flag to a shelf or table in your home and celebrate Spring.

Spring EOS Gift Idea and Printable 

An EOS lip balm is a great gift for almost anyone. Print off this card and make someone’s day!

Easy Spring Pillows 

Pillow covers are so easy to make and can change the look of any room in your home. Here are easy Spring pillow covers that you can make in just a few minutes.

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

Spring Flower Paper Wreath

A paper wreath will brighten up your home. Find out how to make this easy project.

Spring Lighted Flower Garland

A lighted garland is so pretty on a mantel or even outside on your patio. Find out how to make this Spring Flower LED garland.

Painted Crate Flower Display 

Spray paint is a wonderful way to add color to your home. Take very inexpensive crates and spray paint them to make a colorful flower display.

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

kite spring wreath

Let’s Go Fly a Kite Wreath 

Spring is the perfect time to fly a kite. Why not make a kite wreath to celebrate.

Painted Spring Pots

Paint can transform anything. Find out how to make these patterned painted pots.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail Printables 

Print off these fun Peter Cottontail printables and hang them up in your home.

Happy Spring Pictures and Printables 

Bunnies are perfect for Spring. Print these off and frame them for instant Spring art.

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

spring paper wreath

Spring Paper Flower Wreath 

Instead of plastic flowers make a beautiful wreath with paper. Find out how I did it.nautical spring wreath

Navy and Yellow Spring Wreath 

I love navy for Spring. This wreath is fun because its simple and the bow can be changed out to freshen up the wreath throughout the year. 

Happy Spring Printable Tags 

Add some happy Spring tags and give a sweet gift to someone you  care about. 

Paper Flower Spring Specimen Art 

These flowers are made out of paper. Glue them on paper and hang them for Spring art.

Chocolate Easter Candy Bowls

These chocolate bowls are fun to make and your guests will love eating them too! spring butterfly wreath

Butterfly Spring Wreath 

Create a fresh and pretty wreath with moss and paper butterflies.

 Make a giant sign with paper flowers.

Giant Spring Sign with Paper Flowers 

I love making giant signs. For this Spring sign I added paper flowers for a 3-dimensional look and it turned out to be my favorite one yet!

My 21 FAVORITE Spring projects

What SPRING projects have you made? 

Share YOUR ideas with us in the comments!! 

Have a Beautiful Day! 


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