New Motorola Android tablet reportedly in the works with Productivity Mode feature

Motorola has churned out a few Android tablets over the years, including the Xoom and the Xyboard. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Moto tablet come to market, but according to a new report, that’ll soon change.

Motorola is prepping a new tablet that’s larger in size, says Android Police. There aren’t any spec details for the device quite yet, but it’s said to have a “premium look and feel” and possibly a cellular model, too.

One feature that today’s report does spill details on is a Productivity Mode. When enabled, Productivity Mode will let you pin apps to the navigation bar to quickly jump between them. You’ll be able to close an app in the nav bar by long-pressing on it then dragging it up, and it looks like this nav bar will also be home to an app drawer button, too.

New Motorola Android tablet Productivity Mode leak

While we don’t know very much about this rumored Motorola tablet, it’s still an interesting device that we’ll be keeping an eye on. Not only does Motorola have some experience making tablets, but there aren’t exactly a ton of new Android tablets hitting the market lately, so any new device is kind of a big deal. The rumored Productivity Mode for this device sounds pretty nice, too, and should make getting work done (or even just daily use) a bit easier.

Does this new Motorola tablet pique your interest?

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