Pawfect Advice: Toys offer big benefit to pets of all ages

Recently the local Girl Scouts troop decided to do a community service that involved them making and donating homemade toys and treats to the Tifton Pet Shelter. They spent hours researching, collecting supplies, creating their toys and treats before delivering them to the shelter’s pets up for adoption. I was able to be there when they took their donations and although the toys were simply made, the dogs and cats there thoroughly enjoyed the toys and treats.

This made me think about the amount of money we spend on toys and treats for our furbabies every year. According to Time Magazine, the average American spent $47 on dog toys and $28 on cat toys each year. That’s a lot of tennis balls and cat nip scented mice! We spend a little more on treats for our furry friends. We average spending $68 on dog treats and $43 on cat treats.

Toys are very important part of life for your pets. We all know that puppies need a lot of attention and toys to keep them out of trouble. Kittens love toys, too.

Pet toys offer adult pets benefits also. They help keep your pet more active, both mentally and physically. Toys help build muscle tone, improve circulation, and help build life skills. Also toys help curb stress and boredom and distracts from any anxieties your pet might experience.

Another overlooked benefit to pets playing with toys is when they gnaw on toys, they are helping clean their teeth and gums. Might not be enough to keep the dentist away, but every little bit helps. Plus we get the additional benefits of stress release, exercising and bonding when we play with our pets.

There are several links online that will take you to sites that will show you how you can make toys and treats at home for your pet. Some are as simple as braiding scrap material into rope toys that are suitable for both dogs and cats. Other toys can be much more complex and may require a little training for your pet on how to entertain himself for hours once he understands the task.

There seems to be endless recipes that we can make at home to treat our pets. Most of the recipes require foods that are already in our pantries. A lot of them have peanut butter, pumpkin, honey, beef or chicken broth in them.

One of the biggest benefits to making your own treats is you will know what goes into the treats you feed your pet.

Whether you choose to buy or make your own toys and treats, your pet will always love the extra love you splurged on them.

Tina Clem operates The Loved Canine Salon in Tifton. For more information, contact her at 859-494-8462.

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