PeaZip 6.5 archiver update comes with big improvements

If you use the file archiving software PeaZip already, you may want to grab the recently released PeaZip 6.5 as quickly as possible as it introduces some interesting features to the application.

PeaZip is a popular file archiver for Windows that is available as a portable version and installer. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to support for formats and functionality. I do like Bandizip a bit better still, but PeaZip is an excellent program after all in that niche.

The program is compatible with all recent (and even some unsupported) versions of Windows, as well as ReactOS and Wine. Existing users may run update checks by selecting Help > Check for updates, but downloads are also available on the official website.

PeaZip 6.5

peazip 6.5

PeaZip 6.5 includes improvements to the program’s functionality that may appeal to a lot of users. One of the new features is support for browsing broken archives. The program comes with an option in version 65. that you can check to have the program try and load broken archives. It refuses to do so otherwise.

Do the following to configure that option:

  1. Select Options > Settings in the program.
  2. Switch to Archive Manager.
  3. Locate “Try to open archives containing errors”, and enable the option by checking it.
  4. Select OK.

PeaZip attempts to load broken archives from that moment on. While there is no guarantee that it will work for a broken archive, as it depends largely on how broken it really is, it may help you extract some of the files the archives contains.

Another new option is the ability to move and rename objects inside archives that use the 7-Zip format. Instead of having to extract these archives, running the file operations, and then compressing the files again, it is now possible to do so directly in the interface.

PeaZip 6.5 includes the following features on top of those already mentioned:

  • New Option to highlight context dependent preferences in the options (Settings > General > Show which options are volatile / context dependent).
  • New Privacy directive option in Options (Settings > General > Privacy / Reset: don’t ask for password on startup, ask to set password on startup, ask to set password on startup (mandatory))
  • Improved WIM format support.
  • Scheduled deletion will stop after archiving or extracting operations if errors are detected.
  • Archive conversion improvements when converting password protected archives to another format. You can check the “change password” box to apply a new password to the converted archive. Also, password test is run during decompression stage.
  • Themes and GUI updated.
  • Libraries updated, e.g. UPX and 7z.

Closing Words

PeaZip is a good file archiver for Windows. The update to version 6.5 improves the program further, but it depends on how you use the program if you find these additions useful or not.

Now You: Which file archiver do you use, and why?

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