Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws Go Up Against a Hydraulic Press

Last year we took a look at a hydraulic press absolutely obliterating Apple’s new iPhone 7. We know, big surprise. Now, however, the oft-frequented YouTube channel is back with a new visual, once again attempting to destroy a couple of items.

First, we find the press going up against the hardest bearing ball you can find. Upon starting the machine — well — nothing happened. But once the pressure was cranked up, the ball was no match. It didn’t flatten, though. It got pressed down into the steel baseplate.

Next up, none other than Wolverine makes a special guest appearance — sort of. We in turn see the superhero’s steel claws being tested by the hydraulic press, and once again, the object gets pressed down into the aforementioned baseplate.

But how did they get the claws out? Easy. Wolverine swiftly yanked them away from the baseplate that once held them so tightly.

Clearly this is not Wolverine, or even Hugh Jackman for that matter, but Logan is due in theaters on March 3.

PS – this guy’s commentary is top notch.

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