ZTE cancels Project CSX Kickstarter campaign

ZTE Project CSX Hawkeye official

After saying last month that it was weighing its options with regard to its Project CSX crowdfunded phone, ZTE today revealed its decision.

ZTE has announced that its canceling its Kickstarter campaign for its Project CSX phone, aka Hawkeye. “Based on the feedback we’ve received both on Kickstarter and our own Z-Community forum, we’ve decided to phase out this campaign,” ZTE explained in a post on the project’s Kickstarter page.

That doesn’t mean that Project CSX is totally dead, though. ZTE says that it plans to reevaluate the winning device features, which are eye-tracking and a self-adhesive back, and apply it to a new product. ZTE says that it received feedback that consumers wanted the CSX device to have better specs, and so it’s reevaluating the features that will be included with the new product.

Because it’s canceling its Kickstarter and looking into higher specs, ZTE says that it’s pushing back the launch of its Project CSX phone. The company adds that it’s “still finalizing the new date.”

It’s not too surprising that ZTE has ultimately decided to cancel its Project CSX Kickstarter. The company previously admitted that it made a “mistake” with the device, speccing it like a mid-range phone so that it could be sold at $199 when many in the community were clamoring for a higher-end device. Plus, the Kickstarter was well short of its funding goal, earning only $36,245 of its $500,000 with days left in its campaign.

So now we wait and see what ZTE does with its Project CSX phone. ZTE is going back to the drawing board to see what it can improve about the device, but many folks are asking for significantly improved features like a Snapdragon 835 processor, which would likely increase CSX’s price by quite a bit. ZTE will have to try and strike a balance between meeting the community’s wishes and creating a phone that makes sense for the company to launch.

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