11 Places to Buy Plus-Size Nursing Bras That Fit Every Budget and Bust Size

Post by Jordyn Smith.

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One of the hardest parts about being a plus-size pregnant woman is the lack of choices available to you when looking for clothes — more specifically, nursing bras. While there are tons of options out there for straight-size women, plus-size moms — who already have a difficult time finding regular bras — are often left floundering. When it comes to nursing bras, comfort, security, and functionality are the most important factors, but the larger the cup and band size, the more difficult the search often becomes.

Raimonda Raizyte, sales and media manager at Cake Maternity, says her brand recognizes this issue and is working to resolve it. “Department stores around the world rarely carry any options above DD/E cups, and as I say, there are more letters in the ‘bralphabet.'”

Raizyte believes many lingerie retailers refuse to cater to plus-size pregnant women because they aren’t confident making the investment to add extended sizes and because “they want fast turnover [on products].” Still, we’ve seen the numbers time and time again. With the “average” American woman reportedly falling between sizes 16 and 18, the fear that there won’t be women to buy plus-size nursing bras seems ridiculous. 

When searching for a nursing bra, Raizyte says that women — both plus-size and not — should focus on a few key things: reinforced sides and lower cups for extra support, a stretchy top cup to avoid restrictions or cuts into the breast, no dyes or harsh chemicals, and cotton lining inside the cups for added breathability.

While it is easy to feel discouraged by the lack of options out there, it is important to take note of all the companies that make an effort. The 11 companies listed below have a wide range of styles and sizes that will make any plus-size mama feel comfortable and supported. 

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