16 Medieval Baby Names That Still Work for Modern Girls

Medieval Baby Girl Names

Selecting the perfect baby name can feel overwhelming and stressful. There are millions of options out there and so many places to gain inspiration. For baby girls, people have drawn inspiration from different places around the world (Ireland for example), different television shows, aspects of nature, and different time eras. Looking back at history can be a fun way to think of some distinctive name ideas. People have found baby names from the roaring ’20s, the 2000s, and even the medieval times! Finding the right balance of femininity and strength in a girl’s name can be tough — so why not take inspiration from the people of the Middle Ages? 


These monikers have adorned princesses and peasants, saints and socialites, with distinctive sounds and interesting etymologies. Elegant and unusual, these historical names prove that the best modern choices can come from old sources. From the gallant knights, to the fair ladies, the medieval times provide an adventurous and fascinating resource that can surprisingly provide a lot of baby name inspiration for a little bundle of joy. Some of these names are actually so modern that it is hard to imagine them in the medieval times. Many of these may be names new parents have never even heard before. Some are short and sweet, while others are longer and more complicated — but all of them are pretty cool choices. Here are 20 baby girl names that come from the Middle Ages. There are bound to be some on here that are worth considering! 

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