17 Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Scream Summer Fun

pregnancy announcements

For parents-to-be preparing to have a little one in December or January, they’re most likely going to be ready to announce the exciting news over the summer. And while there are some creative announcement ideas that can work any time of year, there are also seasonal options to help personalize the news even more. From the Fourth of July announcements on behalf or a little firecracker to the ocean-inspired ideas for a beach baby, there are so many festive themes for future moms and dads to take inspiration from. 


Before winter babes make their grand entrance, incorporate their special announcement into some summer fun. Whether mom is ready to share the baby news in June, July, or August, a summer photo has some serious perks. Not only does it mean better lighting and the ability to shoot outside, but it also gives more wardrobe options like busting out the best sundress or swimsuits in the closet. Score! 

There are so many fun ways to introduce the little one to the world that can include the beach, but it doesn’t have to. Inspiration can come from many other summer sweet spots, including the water, the mountains, or even some backyard fun! All mom needs to do is pick one that she loves the best. We’ve collected 17 of our favorite summer pregnancy announcements we’re obsessed with to get the creative juices flowing. Take a look at these amazing warm-weather options and let these sunny ideas inspire baby’s big reveal.

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