20 Amazing Shower Cakes for Boys

baby shower cakes for boys

The centerpiece of any baby boy’s shower is the cake. Sure, guests come to ooh and ahh over adorable, tiny blue and green baby onesies and take home a favor. Catching up with friends and family is always a treat. And of course, everyone’s excited to see the mom-to-be and hug that growing baby bump. But it’s not the thought of playing Baby Bingo or discussing whether the little man will have his daddy’s eyes that gets people pumped to RSVP, it’s the thought of enjoying a delicious slice from a tempting, perfectly decorated cake while mom opens her presents. Whether the baby shower theme is elegant, like a soiree to welcome a tiny prince, or playful, like a jungle-themed bash to great the family’s newest party animal, there are plenty of amazing boy baby shower cakes out there that both look and taste fantastic.


Of course, a baby shower cake has to be delicious. But since it’s mom’s party, it’s only right that she should get the final say on the flavor combo happening underneath the frosting, even if what’s calling to her is a combination of vanilla cake with dill pickle filling (the cravings want what the cravings want!) 

But the theme of the cake — what guests will see when they enter the shower and look over at that sweet, sugar-coated masterpiece, is limited only by the imagination of the party planner. From edible hardbacks for a book-themed bash to cakes for baby bears, there’s a special shower cake out there for everyone.  Of course, nothing says “classic” like shades of blue and white on a cake at a party to welcome a baby boy. But even when sticking to tradition, there’s still fun to be had with sculpted cake toppers, confetti sprinkles, and frosting patterns so detailed guests will insist on snapping pictures before that first cut. 

Check out the collection of baby boy shower cakes for inspiration, and know that whichever shape the cake takes, it’s sure to be a sweet celebration. 

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