20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Epic Movies

baby boy names from movies

Choosing a baby name for a future son can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. On the one hand, it’s so cool to think that this name will be what this person will be known as from preschool until adulthood. On the other hand, choosing a name for a child without knowing his personality first can feel like a bit of a challenge and a lot of pressure. 

There’s so much to consider when picking a baby name. What if we fall in love with a name because it’s trendy, but realize too late that the name is more popular than we realized or wanted? What if we pick the name David, but they turn out to be more of a Charlemagne?

There’s no real way to know until the baby arrives if a name will truly suit him. But thanks to the movies, we get a chance to see what a name in action might look like. Films are a great place to draw inspiration for baby names. Rather than simply seeing a name written in a baby book or on a computer screen, we can compare the name to the movie character and personality traits it’s attached to for a better sense of how we feel about it, and if we’d want it for our own child. 

We’ve gathered 20 uncommon baby boy names from epic films to add to the list of possible contenders for a soon to be arriving bundle of blue. Some of these names, like Quill and Loki, are sure to stand out from the crowd, just like the characters they’re based on. Others, like Noah, Kip, and Flynn have less obvious film ties — just enough for a super fan to make the connection. 

See if one is a perfect fit. Or just have fun trying to match each name it the film it comes from.

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