20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Iconic Boy Bands

baby names from boy bands

It is basically a right of passage to be obsessed with at least one boy band during childhood. Especially for those who grew up between the ’80s and early 2000s. From the Jackson 5’s classic Motown hits, to all the pop gems from NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, to those sensual B2K songs that I was definitely too young to hear, boy bands have blessed us with smooth vocals, synchronized dance moves, and extremely cheesy coordinating outfits for generations. Even today’s young kids have experienced the boy band craze with groups such as The Jonas Brothers and One Direction. And don’t even get me started on the rise of K-pop groups like BTS in the United States!


Whether it is their classic “heartthrob” persona or the fact that they come off as the kind of guys who are in touch with their emotions and are not afraid to call their girl beautiful in front of their friends, we have likely all fallen for one boy band or another. And once there is a favorite group established, then a girl has to pick her favorite member of said band, of course. Although we may no longer wear Boyz II Men T-shirts or own a physical copy of New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits CD, some of our favorite boy band members remain in our hearts forever. And they may even serve as name inspiration for an expectant mom! Names such as Justin, Joey, and Nick have been seen in probably at least three boy bands each, but they can also be great choices for a new little guy on the way. Here are 20 baby boy names inspired by some of the most iconic boy band members. 

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