20 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Books We Love

baby girl names from classic lit

Choosing the perfect baby name for a little girl is super exciting, but it can be nerve-wracking, too. With so many great baby names out there to choose from, deciding what a little girl will be known as throughout childhood and for the rest of her life is a lot of pressure, especially if we haven’t even had the chance to meet her yet. 

When trying to decide on a baby name, it can help to draw inspiration from things in our lives that we love. Fans of gardening might fall in love with the names Rose or Violet. Someone who’s all about crystals and their energy might vibe with the names Jade or Crystal. 

For bookworms who are expecting, there’s tons of great baby girl name inspiration right at our fingertips. 

Naming a baby girl in honor of a beloved story character is a way of sharing our hopes and dreams for our daughter’s future with the rest of the world. Certain book characters carry a particular impression along with them. Naming our daughter after one is a way of telling the world to treat our girl with the same love and respect they would give to that character.  

For example, name a baby girl Katniss, after the main character in The Hunger Games, and people will look to her as a natural born learner. Name her Juliet, and she’ll forever have to hear people asking her where’s Romeo (eek, back to the drawing board on that one). 

From baby girl names inspired by characters that have been around since our grandparents’ time, to names that draw influence from newer classic reads, we’ve rounded up 20 fantastic baby girl names perfect for starting the first chapter in the book of life. 

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