20 Nerdy Baby Announcements to Let the World Know the Family’s Leveling Up

Mario Bros Baby AnnouncementMario Bros Baby Announcement

If baby is on the way, mom and dad are going to want to plan the perfect pregnancy announcement. For some parents this means a theme, whether that be autumn, nature, or the Zodiac, these are all wonderful ways to get inspired to make something unusual or special. But we often forget about the nerdy mom and dad, who might not want to have the standard baby announcement. Instead, these parents want something that shows off their love of TV, movies, and books. And a baby reveal can also be the first time to induct the baby-to-be into a particular fandom. 


We’ve all seen the picture-perfect photos of an expecting mama on Instagram, but the typical shot of letter boards and sonograms could use a twist, right? Well luckily for nerdy parents everywhere, the next phase of baby announcements are inspired from geeky pop culture. Or in other words, being a geek is now chic! There are so many ways to incorporate mom and dad’s love for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or even Batman into a baby announcement. Who says pregnancy announcements need to be stuffy and boring? All expecting parents might need is a little inspiration and we’ve found the best examples of truly nerdy baby announcements for the arriving baby. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 20 adorably dorky — or, ahem, adorkable, baby announcements and tell us that these aren’t the sweetest way to let the world know that another player has entered the game of life!

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