20 Pets Who Love Snuggling Their Human Mom's Baby Bump

pets snuggling baby bumps

It’s always an amazing feeling when a pet decides to snuggle up. It’s kind of like winning a beauty pageant because there’s a sense of pride and accomplishment, only it’s even better because instead of a plastic tiara and flowers that will wilt within a week, there’s a warm, soft creature curling up close instead. Usually, the idea of our beloved pupper or standoffish cat choosing to cuddle with someone else is cause for jealousy (how dare they ignore the person who fills their kibble bowl!). There’s one exception: when a pet shows some serious affection to a growing baby bump. 

It’s totally natural to wonder or even worry about how a furbaby will get along with a human baby when the time comes. Seeing a dog or cat get as close as it can to mom’s belly and settling down for a snooze helps calm some of those fears. Watching a furbaby nestle close to their sibling-to-be is more than just adorably sweet. It gives us a glimpse of how special the human-animal bond is, and proves just how in tune with their owners pets can be. The way a dog will gently rest his head on the bump, or how a cat will oh-so-softly knead the bump are all signs they know something big is happening, and that they’re just as excited as mom and dad. 

These photos of pets snuggling baby bumps prove that an animal’s devotion knows no bounds. There are seriously adorable dogs who are sure to make excellent baby guards (or at least great baby toy testers) and silky cats who bust the whole “cats don’t cuddle” myth to pieces. If these pets are this sweet to mom’s belly now, we can only imagine how adorable things will get once the baby is born. 

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