20 Stunning Names for Babies Born in November

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Parents-to-be looking for baby names are always pulling from a variety of sources: from fiction and history books to best-loved movies or TV shows to warmly remembered, dearly departed relatives, and everything in between. But the season in which a baby is born can also offer plenty of inspiration — especially if that season is known for its beautiful foliage and general feelings of gratitude. 

Autumn naturally strikes a tone that lends itself to getting meditative, poetic, and creative. After all, it’s filled with elements — from falling leaves to cooler nights and holidays galore — that could lend themselves to baby names, ones that will totally capture a little one’s personality.


November is especially packed with those special days, themes, and symbols that could turn on a light bulb when it comes to a LO’s moniker. For parents welcoming their baby in the 11th month of the year, there are a bevy of birth month-driven name options.

Consider the fact that if the LO is born before November 22, he or she is a Scorpio, an emotionally deep water sign symbolized by the scorpion and ruled by Mars, the planet of action. Babies born after that date fall under Sagittarius, an exuberant, adventure-seeking fire sign symbolized by the archer centaur and ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. From Benjamin to Felicity, there are many baby names based on November astrology alone! 

Thanksgiving season provides its own laundry list of names inspired by gratitude and abundance. Here are 20 stunning options for November-born babies.

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