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Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 rides on the same platform as the Golf R, and uses a similar all-wheel drive system, but it ditches the four-cylinder for a 400-hp turbo five. The power is great, but it’s the sound that makes this special—it lets you live out your 1980s rally driver fantasies. For more style, get a TT RS, which uses the same drivetrain.

Dangers of Leaving Cars Unattended - KTVN


A local woman had her car stolen from her driveway earlier this week, now she and Reno Police are warning the public.

Nikki Ryan and her husband were just doing their normal routine, waking up starting the car and having a cup of coffee inside while the car warmed up. Something she, and many people do every day but this day was different. “Sat down and I went ‘did I just hear your car rev?’ and then all of a sudden we heard it leaving, it was that quick, less than a minute,” says Ryan.

Along with their keys her husband’s wallet was stolen as well, the thieves have been using their debit card and taking money from their account. “Garage door opener. My kids were terrified waking up and looking out the window to every little noise,” says Ryan

Ryan says they believed they lived in a safe neighborhood but now she is warning everyone to always be on the lookout and be aware of your surroundings. “You feel safe every day with your normal routine. You know your neighbors and then boom it happens,” warns Ryan. 

Reno Police also released a statement saying: “The Reno Police Department would like to remind area residents to avoid leaving their vehicles unattended, while warming up, during the cold winter months as it provides criminals opportunities to steal you car.”

Ryan sent us a photo of a car similar to the one stolen. It’s an unknown year Mitsubishi Eclipse with the license plate NV 085 G46.

If you see it please call Reno Police. 

It’s Cold As Hell but at Least the Cars Are Warm at Newark Airport, Because They’re on Fire - Jalopnik


Though we aren’t buried in snow like much of the rest of the country, we started the day in the greater New York City area in the single digits. It’s mighty cold out, but at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport, the cars are staying nice and toasty.

Because they are on fire. 

Seventeen cars—all but two of them totaled—burned this morning at a parking lot at Newark Airport. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, though one of the car’s owners told police he’d done some recent work on his alternator, a possible cause of the blaze, according to NBC New York.

That owner was also, somewhat strangely, arrested at the scene for outstanding traffic warrants and having a suspended license. He was in the airport at the time of the fire; when he got word of it he rushed to the scene.

NBC New York has more:

A law enforcement source tells News 4 a total of 17 cars were burned, all but two of them totaled. A cause of the fire is under investigation, but it appears to have started in one of the vehicles that was toasted — and the owner of that vehicle, who heard about the fire while in the airport and came to check, was arrested, a law enforcement source says. He’s not charged in connection with the fire, but for outstanding traffic warrants and a suspended driver’s license.

That man’s name hasn’t been released, but the law enforcement source says he told cops he was working on his alternator a few weeks ago — and authorities are looking into that as a possible cause for the vast fire that consumed the lot.


Video of the blaze showed a lot of flames and smoke:

There were no injuries except to the cars—15 of them. Car fires happen much, much more than we really talk about, and I can only hope everyone here had up-to-date insurance.

UK snow: Up to 100 cars stuck on Bodmin Moor road - BBC News


Up to 100 vehicles are trapped on a main road in Cornwall after heavy snow swept in.

“Significant snowfall” has caused serious problems on the A30 dual-carriageway in the Temple area on Bodmin Moor, police said.

Ch Insp Adrian Leisk warned drivers to avoid “all but absolutely essential” travel.

Drivers describe being stuck for nearly five hours in snow on the road, from about 15.30 GMT.

Devon and Cornwall Police said motorists are also trapped on the A39 and advised people to stay in their cars.

On Twitter it said: “Gritter trucks are working their way inwards from Winnards Perch and Wadebridge to get to stranded drivers.”

Driver Paul Newman said traffic started to move slowly on the A30 until it came to a standstill near Blisland.

“There is a lorry across the road. Now that everybody has stopped, it is going to be difficult for lorries to get going again,” he said.

“At the moment we’ve no idea what’s going on really. The chap in the car in front of us was just throwing snowballs to his dog.”

There are hazardous driving conditions reported across Cornwall with multiple accidents.

Police said people were abandoning their cars on the A30 at Highgate Hill and walking through the snow.

Officers said drivers should stay in their cars as they try to clear the roads.

Meanwhile, about 400 students have been stranded at Callywith College in Bodmin.

Principal Mark Wardle, said buses to transport students had not been able to get to the sixth-form college, and catering staff were providing sausages, chips and beans to those waiting for assistance.

Wheelchair tennis player Peter Norfolk, who has won seven Grand Slam singles titles and two Paralympic gold medals, posted photos on social media after being stranded in the same area for more than an hour.

“I haven’t seen any sign of gritters or a snow plough,” he said. “I wish I had my wheelblades [skis for wheelchairs] or off-road wheels with me!”

Steve Instance, a senior RNLI officer, said he had been stuck on the A30 at Alternun for nearly four hours.

Heavy snow also caused drivers to come to a standstill further west on the A30, near Newquay at about 15:00 GMT.

The snow is expected to move eastwards into Devon, and an amber alert is in place warning of delays on the roads and rail cancellations.

California bill would let homeless college students sleep in cars on campus amid housing crisis - Fox News


With thousands of community college students in California either homeless or facing the threat of homelessness, the state assembly in Sacramento is considering a bill that would allow those students to legally sleep overnight in their vehicles at campus parking lots and structures.

The new bill, which was sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Marc Berman, would permit any student in good standing at their community college to use their school’s parking system as a place to sleep overnight as California struggles with a massive housing crisis. State law already requires that community colleges provide their homeless students with access to shower and bathroom facilities on campus.

“Over the last two years, I’ve heard from too many students that they don’t have stable housing and often end up sleeping in their cars,” Berman said in a statement Wednesday, according to the Sacramento Bee. “Unfortunately, this is all too common throughout California, with one in four community college students experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.”


According to a report released last summer by the Assembly Speaker’s Office of Research and Floor Analysis, housing takes up around 43 percent of the average college students overall budget and federal grants  “cover less than a third of average non-tuition costs, leaving a sizable gap that these students must fill,” the report found.

The California Community College system is the state’s largest higher education system – serving around 2.1 million students across 114 campuses. In the Los Angeles Community College District nearly one out of every five students was deemed to be “housing insecure,” while in the Bay Area’s Peralta Community College District a survey found that 84 percent of students were either homeless or facing housing insecurity.


“I work really hard to keep up with the rest of my class, because I have lost my place three times due to my inability to pay because of my lack of financial aid,” an anonymous, 42-year-old part-time community college student said in the speaker’s report. “I really don’t know what to do to prove I want and deserve this other than continue to show up. And I pray I don’t get killed in the park while I sleep.”

UltraViolet gets harder to see after July 31st


If you’ve ever used UltraViolet, a movie locker service that offered movie purchases stored in the cloud as well as some other services (relating to bonus video content,) well, it’s going away.

In order to save your purchased content you’re going to have to link it, if it’s not already, to another retailer (Fandango, kaleidescape, Paramount, Verizon FiOS, Vudu,) which you’ll be using later should you ever want to watch your purchased movies again.

The plethora of digital media services from companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and new technologies implemented by Ray-Ban, have made it harder for UV to get through, which is probably the reason for the closure.

Thanks for the tip John!


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The Complete MySQL Bootcamp teaches you SQL and MySQL skills. The eLearning course is designed for beginners and advanced users who want to refresh their skillset.

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Chrome to warn users about lookalike URLs


Google Chrome may soon warn users when they visit what Google calls lookalike URLs. Lookalike URLs is a loose term that describes site addresses that look very similar to the domain of an authoritative or popular site.

Google does not seem to distinguish between purpose when it comes to the definition of lookalike URLs; the Google Chrome feature displayed warnings or different types of URLs, e.g. URLs that were not registered but still look similar to popular URLs, but also when visiting URLs that are registered and load sites when accessed.

Phishing attacks, a common form of threats on the Internet designed to steal account credentials and other important data, use lookalike domain names often to make the attack — posing as a different site — more effective.

Chrome: Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs

chrome lookalike

Chrome’s algorithm determines whether URLs are potential lookalike URLs. The web browser displays a “did you mean to go to [URL]” notification at the top of the page if the algorithm determined that the visited URL is likely not the intended target of the user.

Isn’t that what Chrome’s phishing protection aims to do? Yes, and no. Phishing protection protects users against reported phishing sites while the new security feature against sites that are potentially dangerous.

The security feature is hidden behind a flag currently. The flag is available in all versions of Chrome that Google supports but it works only in Canary versions of the browser (maybe Dev as well, not tested).

google chrome navigation suggestions lookalike urls

Here is what you need to do to enable it:

  1. Load chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions in the browser’s address bar.
  2. Switch the status of the flag to Enabled (from default).
  3. Restart the Chrome web browser.

Chrome will display the “did you mean to go to” notifications when you visit a lookalike URL after the restart. Note that the browser does not catch all lookalike URLs but only select ones. Google is probably still working on the determination algorithm as it is not always clear why one URL is detected as a lookalike while another, very similar URL, is not.

Closing Words

The feature is experimental at the time of writing which means that Google may change it or remove it entirely in the future.The highlighting of lookalike URLs is mostly useful to inexperienced users in my opinion. It could prevent them from entering credentials and other important information on sites, and to interact with these lookalike sites provided that they act and don’t ignore the message.

Now You: Is the lookalike URL warning a good thing?


Chrome to warn users about lookalike URLs

Article Name

Chrome to warn users about lookalike URLs


Google Chrome may soon warn users when they visit what Google calls lookalike URLs that look similar to URLs of popular sites and services.


Martin Brinkmann


Ghacks Technology News



Amiga Music Tracker and Player in JavaScript


BASSOON Tracker is a free web application that gives you full control over an Amiga music tracker and player.

The Commodore Amiga, the successor of the Commodore C-64 home computer, was a very popular home computer back in the 80’s and 90’s. Among the many strengths were excellent graphics and sound capabilities; this led to a thriving games and demo development scene.

Anyone could just fire up a free program like Soundtracker on the Amiga to start composing music or to play music on the device.

Musicians benefited from extra hardware like a sampler that you could connect to the Amiga to record new music samples.

Considering that the original Amiga had only 512 Kilobytes of memory (which you could extend), and that the memory had to be shared, it is quite astonishing how well music sounded on the Amiga.


amiga tracker javascript

Bassoon Tracker is a sound tracker for the Amiga in JavaScript. You may use it to play music and to create music of your own using it.

The interface may look intimidating on first glance; new users may want to play some of the demo songs listed on the lower left side of the interface to get a feel for the capabilities. I suggest you check out Stardust or Lotus 2 to get a feel for the capabilities.

One of the greatest strengths of the player is that its developer has added support for several popular Amiga music databases and local file playback. Just select File > Load Module, and select a song from one of the available sources.

Supported are Mod Archive, Modules.pl, Dropbox, Bassoon, and local songs. The song listings lack search capabilities though which means that you will have to scroll a lot to find songs of interest.

Another thing that is missing is support for playlists; you can only play individual songs right now.

A click on the play button starts playback right away. The player displays the entire composition in its interface while the song is playing so that you can learn a thing or two from good composers.

The song composing part of the music tracker supports major features: load, play and edit samples, use the integrated piano, edit different tracks, and save modules that you have created using the tracker.

Closing Words

BASSOON Tracker is a great web application for Amiga veterans and others interested in music and especially the Amiga music scene. Most of the features that you’d expect from a tracker are implemented already, some, like playlist support, would be really handy to improve usability.

Now You: What is your take on Amiga music and today’s music?

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