What Altcoins Cryptocurrencies Buy | Que Criptomonedas Comprar?

Cuales Criptomonedas Altcoins puedo Comprar
Cuales Criptomonedas Altcoins puedo Comprar

What Altcoins Cryptocurrencies Buy | Que Criptomonedas Comprar?:

An altcoin is any digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The term is said to stand for “alternative to Bitcoin” and is used describe any cryptocurrency that is not a Bitcoin. Altcoins are created by diverging from Bitcoin consensus rules (the fundamental rules of the cryptocurrency’s network) or by developing a new cryptocurrency from scratch. Un altcoin es cualquier criptomoneda digital similar a Bitcoin. Se dice que el término representa “alternativa a Bitcoin” y se usa para describir cualquier criptomoneda que no sea Bitcoin. Las Altcoins se crean al divergir de las reglas de consenso de Bitcoin (las reglas fundamentales de la red de criptomonedas) o al desarrollar una nueva criptomoneda desde cero.

Cuales Criptomonedas Altcoins puedo Comprar

Where and How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin with my Country’s money (FIAT) , Donde y Como Comprar Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin con moneda de mi Pais (FIAT)?

FIAT – Crypto / Moneda Local a Criptomoneda:

Coinbase: Is a digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin (₿), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (Ξ), Litecoin (Ł) and other digital assets with fiat currencies in around 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide, Payment method: Deposit from Bank Account, Credit Card (Some). Es un cambiador de divisas digital con sede en San Francisco, California. Intercambian de Bitcoin (₿), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (Ξ), Litecoin (Ł) y otros activos digitales con monedas locales en alrededor de 32 países, y transacciones de bitcoin y almacenamiento en 190 países, Método de pago: Depósito de cuenta bancaria, tarjeta de crédito (algunas). (CLICK HERE TO GO:Coinbase:)

LocalBitcoins:   Is a bitcoin startup company based in Helsinki, Finland. Its service facilitates over-the-counter trading of local currency for bitcoins. Users post advertisements on the website, where they state exchange rates and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. Other users reply to these advertisements and agree to meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash or pay with online banking. LocalBitcoins has a reputation and feedback mechanism for users and an escrow and conflict-resolution service. As of December 2013, LocalBitcoins has around 110,000 active traders with a trade volume of 1,400–3,000 bitcoins per day, Payment method: Bank Transfer, Cash, Cash Deposit, Gift Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, Serve2Serve, Vanilla,  Western Union.  Es una empresa con sede en Helsinki, Finlandia. Su servicio facilita la negociación extrabursátil de moneda local para bitcoins. Los usuarios publican anuncios en el sitio web, donde establecen las tasas de cambio y los métodos de pago para comprar o vender bitcoins. Otros usuarios responden a estos anuncios y acuerdan encontrarse con la persona para comprar bitcoins con efectivo o pagar con banca en línea. LocalBitcoins tiene un mecanismo de reputación y retroalimentación para los usuarios y un servicio de escrow y resolución de conflictos. A diciembre de 2013,  LocalBitcoins tiene alrededor de 110,000 comerciantes activos con un volumen comercial de 1,400-3,000 bitcoins por día, Metodo de Pago: Transferencia bancaria, Efectivo, Deposito de efectivo, Gift Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, Serve2Serve, Vanilla, Western Union. (CLICK HERE TO GO: LocalBitcoins: )

PAXFUL: Is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers with sellers. Simply select your preferred payment method and type in how many bitcoins you need, Payment method: Bank Transfer, Cash, Cash Deposit, Gift Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, Serve2Serve, Vanilla,  Western Union, a bunch more…!. Es un mercado de igual a igual de Bitcoin que conecta a los compradores con los vendedores. Simplemente seleccione su método de pago preferido y escriba cuántos bitcoins necesita, Metodo de Pago: Transferencia bancaria, Efectivo, Deposito de efectivo, Gift Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, Serve2Serve, Vanilla,  Western Union, muchos mas…!.  (CLICK HERE TO GO: PAXFUL: )

Robin Hood (Stocks Also – No Fees):  Stock brokerage app Robinhood bills itself as “a stock brokerage built with the needs of a new generation in mind.” Robinhood lets traders buy and sell individual stocks and cryptocurrencies for $0 a trade. In doing so, the company hopes to capitalize on the vast, largely untapped market of would-be Millennial investors, Payment method: Deposit from Bank Account. La aplicación de corretaje bursátil Robinhood se define a sí misma como “una corredora de bolsa construida con las necesidades de una nueva generación en mente”. Robinhood permite a los traders comprar y vender acciones y criptomonedas por $ 0 por transacción. Al hacerlo, la compañía espera capitalizar el vasto mercado, en gran medida sin explotar, de potenciales inversores Millennials, Método de pago: Depósito de cuenta bancaria. (CLICK HERE TO GO: Robin Hood )

Where and How to buy Bitcoin
Where and How to buy Bitcoin

Public urged to help digitise millions of historical weather records


The public are being asked to lend a hand in digitising millions of historical weather records in a bid to better predict the future of the world’s climate.

With 2.5 million pieces of data from between 1860 and 1880 not stored in digital form, scientists are unable to quickly access and compare measurements from the past.

Undertaking the task among the research community alone would take too long, so people are being urged to help out with the two decades of data using a computer at home.

Digitalisation of the Met Office records will enable meteorologists to use modern tools that can reconstruct weather patterns over Europe, allowing them to make new discoveries and unlock answers to questions about the world’s weather and changing climate.

Historic weather record

Example of a record that will be digitalised during the project (British Science Week/Met Office/PA)

“It’s a great opportunity for the public to contribute to real scientific research,” said Professor Ed Hawkins, from the University of Reading and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, who is leading the Operation Weather Rescue project with the support of British Science Week and the British Science Association.

“As the world warms, the data will provide a baseline to help us measure weather changes and monitor climate change, which will have impacts for people, communities and environments across the world.”

The general public will be able to offer their help through a special website during British Science Week from March 8 to 17.

“We’re hoping that the buzz of the week will give this important project a huge boost and are looking forward to seeing what progress can be made through these two decades-worth of data,” Prof Hawkins added.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of British Science Week, which used similar people power last year to map out plastic rubbish on the country’s beaches.

Chris Price

Vodafone begins 5G trial at Manchester Airport


Vodafone has started a trial of 5G mobile technology at Manchester Airport in the latest test of the next-generation communications network.

The telecoms giant is using a specially designed “blast pod”, in which travellers at the airport’s Terminal One can sit and try out the network.


A public rollout of 5G is expected to begin later this year (Vodafone/PA)

Vodafone says it could offer mobile internet speeds up to four times faster than current generation 4G.

The trial is one of a number of tests currently taking place in the UK – across a number of different mobile operators – ahead of public rollout, expected to begin later this year.

Vodafone is already trialling 5G in parts of Salford, Greater Manchester. It said it would also begin further trials in the coming weeks, including at Snow Hill railway station in Birmingham.

Vodafone chief executive Nick Jeffery said: “We all love to catch up on our favourite TV shows, play games or finish off some work when travelling.

“5G, with its fast speeds and quick response times, will make that quick and easy, even in busy locations.

“We are proud to be the first provider to bring 5G to an airport and will be adding more major travel hot spots to our 5G network throughout the year.”

5G is expected to enable the greater widespread use of internet of things (IoT) technology and help spark the creation of more connected cities, as well as support the wider use of autonomous cars and robotics.

Manchester Airport chief operating officer Brad Miller said: “We are delighted to support Vodafone’s 5G trial at Manchester Airport.

“As we progress with the design and delivery of our £1 billion transformation programme, we are constantly exploring how new innovations and technology can be applied to improve the airport experience. As a business with a strong presence in our surrounding community, Vodafone was a natural partner for a trial project like this and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Chris Price

Man finds working 30-year-old Apple IIe computer in his parents’ attic


A man from New York has found an old Apple computer thought to be 30 years old in his parents’ attic in working order.

John Pfaff, a professor at Fordham University School of Law, was shocked to discover his Apple IIe computer gathering dust in his parents’ attic, but was more surprised to find that it still worked after several decades of neglect.

Mr Pfaff told Twitter that he felt 10 years old again after loading up old game disks and being sent down memory lane.

“My kids thought things were insanely retro when my wife and I played NES Super Mario on the oldest’s Switch,” he said.

“Tomorrow morning their definition of retro is going to shift significantly.”

Apple IIe

Apple IIe discovered by a man in his parents’ attic still in working order (John Pfaff/PA)

Among the video games the professor revealed are Neuromancer and Olympic Decathlon, as well as Adventureland, which resumed where he left the game as a child three decades previous.

The professor unearthed a letter written to him from his dad dating back to 1986.

“My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago,” he said. “It’s amazing to come across something so ‘ordinary’ from him.”

The stash also included back-up floppy disks of his father’s, long before the days of iCloud storage many are accustomed to today.

The Apple IIe was the third model in the Apple II series of computers, introduced in 1983 before it was discontinued in November 1993. The “e” in the name stood for enhanced, marking the arrival of some features being built into the machine, as opposed to making them available as upgrades or add-ons with previous machines.

Mr Pfaff’s discovery has garnered thousands of likes on Twitter. He said he fittingly photographed the machine using a more recent Apple product, the iPhone.

Chris Price

iClever BoostCube II 24 Watt dual USB charger review


The iClever BoostCube II is an inexpensive dual 2.4amp / 24 Watt travel charger (plugs fold in,) that looks sleek and does what it says it does.

iClever BoostCube II 24 Watt dual USB charger

Dual 2.4amp USB ports deliver full speed charging to most non-quick charging devices, meaning you should be able to full speed charge most tablets and the like.

iClever BoostCube II 24 Watt dual USB charger

The BoostCube II does not support quick charging standards however. Whatever your take on that, it’s not there to judge/not be judged. It’s two outlets, can be placed where you can access both outlets from a wall, and works.

Safety measures, led light, you can throw it in your pocket without jabbing yourself with the prongs.

This charger doesn’t particularly excite me, however it does what it says and under $10 so I can’t complain.

Grab an iClever BoostCube II on Amazon for $9.99

Kickstarter spotlight: INKI the Pen not the ghost


Startup DozenDots sent us an announcement for a powered pen recently, Coming from a drafting background writing instruments always grab my attention.

What is INKI?

Inki is a motorized pen designed for artists. It combines a premium metal body with a small motor and single battery. The motor is capable of 700 oscillations per minute with a 4mm travel distance. These oscillations will produce different patterns as the pen is tipped to different directions. with examples including U and v shaped marks. The single AAA the pen is designed to use is expected to last 4 hours, I expect serious artists to consider rechargeable batteries to avoid burning through batteries too quickly.

That’s cool! Where can I get one!

Inki is currently on kickstarter with pledges that reward the pen starting at the equivalent of 55USD. That price includes both the silver(Stainless steel) and gold(Brass) versions. Considering that the campaign is just under half funded only 5 days in(it started on the 12th) and the simplicity of the product I don’t see any reason this won’t ship on time as well. We’re looking forward to testing one in the near future as well.

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight w/Alexa review


The Govee WiFi TV Color Changing LED backlight, which I will call the backlight from hereon out, is an aftermarket product to make TVs with no smart backlighting have smart area-aware backlighting.

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight

If you’re not particularly familiar with the concept, adding the exterior glow tends to immerse people’s attention in the frame, and adds some more visible cues when you’re playing video games. It also is something that my tech-blind wife noticed immediately and asked why our TV now had under lighting and a spoiler.

The way this product works is you unroll a series of LED lights, look at the documentation, realize it’s bad, and then plow through. The documentation while somewhat correct says to string the LED from the bottom right of the TV, up, across the top, and down.

Now as for the start position if it’s not clear, if you’re on the normal side of the TV, it’s the bottom left, if you’re facing the back of the TV it’s the bottom right.

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight

Clean the area you’re going to put this with the included alcohol pad. Takes about 40 seconds and will help the relatively weak LED strip tape to hold.

Unstick the tape protector, roll it out. I’d advise waiting on the secondary fasteners until you’re sure everything works, place the camera, make sure it’s dead center of the tv because trust me moving it creates more problems than you’re going to want to deal with (in my case having to come up with a different adhesive).

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight

After everything’s in place, you download the Govee app, connect the device to your WiFi, and run through the calibration with the camera. Now I’ll note that my camera just did not see the extent of the screen the first position and I had to bend the arm a bit before I could see the entire TV. This is not mentioned in the documentation.

After this you’ve got some options as to whether to have the entire back light be the same color, sections to be different colors (what I generally use,) or you can pick musical accompaniment or just a solid color.

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight

There are also options for turning the thing on and off by time, and you can tie it in with Alexa and use that to change the modes. It does not currently work with the Google Ecosystem.

Govee WiFi TV color changing LED backlight subjectively…

It’s kind of nice. It’s not something I look at and go “wow, couldn’t live without this!”

It seriously needs a color calibration in the app however as the colors on screen and the color of the wall are not properly aligned. You put a white piece of paper on my wall, it looks close to right however.

Basically just needs the ability to define your wall color and reflectiveness and modify the color output. Considering it’s basically a WiFi-connected Raspberry Pi in your network this shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, neat, if you want something like this without having to get a new TV it does the job about 70% as well as a TV with LED backlighting built in does, but coming in at $70USD it’s not something to be sneezed at.

You can grab one at Amazon for $69.99.

Pale Moon 28.4.0 released: security and stability update


A new version of the desktop web browser Pale Moon was released today for all supported operating systems. Pale Moon 28.4.0 is a major development, stability, and security release according to the release notes.

The new release comes a month after the release of Pale Moon 28.3.0 and is the second major Pale Moon release of the year.

Existing Pale Moon users should get the new version automatically if the automatic updating system is turned on. A click on Pale Moon > Help > About Pale Moon > Check for Updates runs a manual check; Pale Moon should pick up the new version when you activate the option to download and install it over the existing installation.

The new version is also available on the Pale Moon website and you can install it over an existing version to upgrade or anew.

Pale Moon 28.4.0

pale moon 28.4.0

Even though Pale Moon 28.4.0 is listed as a major development release, its primary focus is on security and stability improvements.

Several known security vulnerabilities are addressed and fixed in the new browser version.The security issues CVE-2018-18506, CVE-2018-18356, CVE-2018-18335, and CVE-2019-5785 have been addressed in the new version.

The developers have implemented several defense in depth protections that harden the browser against potential exploits. These security improvements are implemented regularly in new versions of the web browser.

The new Pale Moon version addresses some video playback issues and uses the new ffmpeg decode API which should help with frame drops.

Advanced users get full control over TLS 1.3 cipher suite preferences on about:config; there it is possible to disable them individually.

Load about:config in the Pale Moon address bar to get started. Select that you will be careful, and search for security.tls13 to display the available suites. Double-click on any to toggle its value. A value of True means it is enabled and thus used by Pale Moon, a value of False that it is disabled and not used.

The remaining changes improve certain functionality, e.g. background processes, and therefore also stability of the web browser.

Check out the entire release notes of Pale Moon 28.4.0 here.

Now You: Have you tried Pale Moon recently?


Pale Moon 28.4.0 released: security and stability update

Article Name

Pale Moon 28.4.0 released: security and stability update


A new version of the desktop web browser Pale Moon was released today for all supported operating systems. Pale Moon 28.4.0 is a major development, stability, and security release.


Martin Brinkmann


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Ghacks Deals: Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle (97% off)


The Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle includes eight courses in total. These courses cover a wide range of machine learning and data science related topics such as Tensorflow, Python, R, Clustering, classification, neural networks, and deep learning.

The entire bundle is available for just $35 at the time of writing, a big discount of 97% over the original price. Courses are designed for beginners and professionals alike, certification of completion is included, and access is granted for lifetime.

The bundle includes the following courses:

  • Tensorflow & Keras Bootcamp For Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Python — Master the Most Important Deep Learning Frameworks for Python Data Science
  • Tensorflow Bootcamp For Data Science In Python — Complete Tensorflow Mastery For Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Python
  • Python Regression Analysis: Statistics & Machine Learning — Learn Complete Hands-On Regression Analysis for Practical Statistical Modeling & Machine Learning In Python
  • Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis — Learn Statistics, Visualization, Machine Learning & More
  • Complete Time Series Data Analysis Bootcamp In R — Learn How To Work with Temporal Data Using Statistical Modeling & Machine Learning Techniques In R
  • Practical Neural Networks & Deep Learning In R — Discuss Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Practical Data Science in R
  • Clustering & Classification with R — Harness The Power of Machine Learning For Unsupervised & Supervised Learning In R
  • Clustering & Classification with Machine Learning In Python — Harness The Power of Machine Learning For Unsupervised & Supervised Learning In Python

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If this particular offer is not for you, you may want to check out other Machine Learning or Data Science offers on Ghacks Deals.

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Opera 50 for Android is a major release


Opera Software released Opera 50 for Android on February 19, 2019. The new version of the mobile web browser is a milestone release that introduces new functionality and improves existing features.

Opera 50 for Android introduces support for picture-in-picture viewing, quick scrolling to speed up scrolling on large pages, and more control over the built-in ad-blocker.

The new version of the mobile browser is available on Google Play and will be pushed to all Android devices it is installed on as an update.

Opera users may run a manual check for updates in the Play Store application under My apps & games.

Opera 50 for Android: what is new

opera 50 android features

Every modern browser seems to support picture-in-picture functionality these days. Mozilla is working on Picture-in-Picture functionality in Firefox, and Opera launched the feature in Opera 50 for Android today already.

The feature works as you’d expect it to: play videos in a small always-on-top overlay on the screen while you are free to browse to other sites without affecting video playback.

How you access picture-in-picture mode is a bit complicated: switch any video that is playing in Opera to fullscreen mode and tap on the Home button of the device to enter picture-in-picture mode.

The video continues to play in a smaller window that you may move around on the screen of the device. Double-tap on the video to go back to fullscreen mode or tap on the close icon to stop playback and kill the overlay window. Opera notes that the feature works on all sites that support picture-in-picture mode.

Opera 50 displays a scroll handle on pages when you scroll which you may use to jump to specific parts of the page quickly. It is an extra icon that you may drag up and down to scroll more quickly.

The third feature improves the built-in adblocker. Opera introduced the content blocker in 2016 by integrating it natively in the Opera browser. It was the first major browser to include a native ad-blocker.

It is now possible to disable the ad-blocker on specific sites in Opera for Android. Just tap on the icon next to the site address in the mobile version of Opera and toggle the “exclude from ad blocking” option displayed there to do so.

Designed as a feature to reward publishers users like and would like to see thrive, it is also useful for situations where the ad blocker blocks site content or even access to a specific site.

Opera 50 does not feature the recently introduced VPN feature (browser proxy) in Opera for Android. The feature is available in beta versions of Opera for Android and it is unclear when (if) it lands in Opera Stable for Android.

The new version of Opera is available in three new languages: Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

Now You: Which mobile web browser do you use primarily and why?


Opera 50 for Android is a major release

Article Name

Opera 50 for Android is a major release


Opera Software released Opera 50 for Android on February 19, 2019, a new milestone release of the company’s mobile web browser.


Martin Brinkmann


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