40 Enchanting Names for Babies Born in October

mom with baby in the fall

From history books to fiction novels, favorite films to beloved living or dearly departed relatives, parents-to-be look for baby name inspiration in a variety of places and ways. But there’s most definitely something about the season during which a little one is born that can serve to influence a mom and dad’s name choice. 

Fall, in particular, boasts a variety of natural, whimsical elements that might lead to a fitting moniker. But there is some particularly special about the month of October. And October, which is perceived as an autumnal month through and through, is brimming with special days, themes, and symbols that lend themselves to names, as well.


That said, for parents welcoming their baby in the tenth month of the year, birth month-driven inspiration for name options really are endless. 

Consider the fact that if an L.O. is born prior to October 23, he or she is a Libra, a social air sign symbolized by the scales and ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. If they’re born after that date and through Halloween, he or she is a Scorpio, an emotionally-deep water sign symbolized by the scorpion and ruled by Mars, the planet of action. From Justice to Marcus, there are copious baby names based on October astrology alone! 

Halloween season provides its own laundry list of names inspired by scary novels and films, mythical creatures, and magical elements galore. 

Beyond that, parents could choose from names that call to mind harvest time, changing fall leaves, stars who celebrate October birthdays, and birthstones presently and historically associated with the cozy month. Here, 40 stunning options for October-born babies.

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