50 Irish Baby Boy Names With Strong Meanings

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Ireland is chock-full of rich history, beautiful language, and interesting legends, making it the perfect place to mine for unique baby names with a wide range of meanings. Irish names are a pretty common thing in the United States, so many non-Irish parents have recognized the beauty of these historic names. Their popularity here has caused boy’s names like Keegan, Riley, and Quinn to be commonplace in classrooms all over the country. 


Still, there are so many Irish boys’ names that have gone unnoticed by American parents due to the fact that they are a little more “out there” than others. While they might take a little time to learn how to pronounce and can be a little harder to spell, “unusual” Irish names are becoming increasingly more common in American culture as parents seek to outfit their kids with names that are both unique and meaningful.

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Just like the culture they come from, the names on this list are full of life and personality. Whether they came into popularity as the name of a famous king or share their history with a Shakespearean hero, these 50 Irish boy names are unlike anything many folks have ever seen before.

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