A Community for Your Little One

Little Bee’s Playhouse is a place for children to learn and have fun while playing in a community. 

“They’re going to the grocery store like they see mommy and daddy do and their mailing letters and things like that and then we also have different elements as well with our craft table and different table top activities that they’re working on their gross motor skills and they’re climbing the little slide and they’re playing with the train table and we try to have a different rotation of toys so that it keeps it fresh and that there is something for everybody we say,” Kathy Lopez, Little Bee’s Playhouse Founder and Owner explained. 

Preschool age children are at a crucial stage in life where they are developing skills through learning. 

“We tried to do a lot of  STEM-based toys so that they’re learning while they’re playing. They don’t even realize that they’re learning about problem-solving, gross motor skills, they’re learning their social skills with each other and it’s so important these early years and they’re having so much fun they don’t even realize,” Lopez said.

Little Bee’s Playhouse focuses on children ages two to 7, but all ages are welcome. 

Admission is $11 for each child one to 10 years old. Children younger or older are free with a paying sibling. There is no charge for parents. There is also no time restraint, so you can play as long as you want and your child will receive a snack at the end of their visit. 

Little Bee’s Playhouse is available for birthday parties and special events. 

Visit their website for hours of operation and more information. Plus, visit their Facebook to keep up with upcoming events. 

Little Bee’s Playhouse 
2600 Wolflin Ave. 

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