Android Wear bug leaves Google Assistant unable to do anything but basic search requests

A bug affecting smartwatches running Android Wear 2.0 is preventing Google Assistant from fully working on the platform. Actually, the virtual assistant will still run very simple Google searches. What it won’t do is set alarm times, send text messages or control smart appliances to name a few features. A community manager keeping his eye on the Android Wear Help Forum posted a message revealing that Google is aware of the problem and is “gathering bug reports.”

While most of the incidents surrounding Google Assistant deal with the version of the virtual personal assistant employed on Android Wear, some were complaining that they were having trouble with Google Assistant across the entire Android eco-system. That would include a smartwatch, phone, tablet and the Google Home smart speaker.

Considering that Google is still seeking bug reports, you should pass along whatever information you have to Google by posting on the Android Wear Help Forum. You can navigate to the forum by clicking on the sourcelink. Besides the problem with Google Assistant, Android Wear is having other issues including the appearance of incomplete characters on the screen after being tapped on the keyboard. Hopefully, Google will be able to resolve all Android Wear issues quickly.

source: AndroidWearHelpForum via AndroidPolice

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