AT&T reaches 537Mbps download speed using LTE LAA in Chicago

Recent speed tests showed T-Mobile’s network posting download speeds higher than 500Mbps using License Assisted Access (LAA) LTE in New York City. Now AT&T’s network has done the same thing in Chicago.

Speed tests conducted by PCMag show AT&T’s LTE network putting up speeds of 537Mbps in downtown Chicago. The test was conducted using a retail Galaxy S9 on AT&T’s regular LTE network, which included LAA small cell sites. They aggregating 15MHz of LTE Band 2 with 60MHz of LAA coverage. 

While 537Mbps was the top download speed that the Galaxy S9 achieved, PCMag was able to get some pretty respectable speeds in other locations. This includes 273Mbps down at Kinzie and Dearborn in River North and an average of 424.2Mbps near the Merchandise Mart.

AT&T began deploying LAA in Indianapolis late last year, and since then it’s been deployed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, too. AT&T plans to roll out LAA in 24 cities in 2018.

You will need a phone that supports LAA to take advantage of the improved coverage. Devices like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 support LAA, as does the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and Moto Z2 Force Edition.

LAA is another way that U.S. carriers are bolstering their 4G LTE networks while they begin building out their 5G coverage. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are deploying LAA, which utilizes unlicensed 5GHz spectrum. LAA coverage doesn’t reach very far, but for devices within range of a small cell site, it can help to offer seriously faster speeds.

Hit the source link below for more details on AT&T’s LAA coverage and speeds in Chicago.

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