Details About My Under Sink Dishwasher

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Ever since I started blogging, the biggest question I get about my house, is asking how in the world I have a dishwasher under my sink. I have been meaning to write this post for years so I had something to refer them to. Now that my cabinets are painted and my kitchen is done, I will share all the details about my under sink dishwasher.

When we moved into our house it was easy to see that there was not a spot for a dishwasher. It is such a tiny space to begin with, but then the only available spot that would have worked, has a large, low window. The previous owners had added upper cabinets below the window since they are shorter than bottom cabinets. We call it the kid counter since it is the perfect height for my kids when they help me cook. They also sometimes sit there and visit with me when I am in the kitchen.

Shortly after buying the house, I started searching online for other options. I quickly found that there were not many. I finally found one that would work. All I had to do was remove the cabinet below the sink! Let’s be real, that under the sink cabinet is really just a waste of space anyway.



This dishwasher actually a brand new one! The old one was off white so it would match the cabinets.



Part of me was annoyed that it didn’t match the other appliances but I think it did a good job of blending in. We had the off white one for almost 10 years. I was not good about monitoring what my kids put in there and after several watercolor brushes got washed and fell in the slots at the bottom of the dishwasher and broke off. It always had a clicking noise after that. They also washed peanut butter jars without removing the labels (they do make great bug jars!) and it kept getting clogged. I was not too surprised, given the age and the wear and tear we put it through, when it finally gave up the ghost.



Here are the questions I get asked all the time about my dishwasher.

Q: So how does it fit under the sink?

Well, there are a couple of things that make it work. The profile of the dishwasher is slightly different than a regular one. It dips down lower in the back to fit under the sink. This makes the back half of the top rack lower than the front half.  The bottom rack is the same as a regular dishwasher.

The other reason it fits is it requires a 6 inch (or less) deep sink. In all the places we rented, we always had a 6 inch sink so it didn’t phase me. It was all I was use to. We can still hand wash dishes with no problem.



Q: Do you still have the same amount of space inside?

It is the same width and depth so the only different is that the back half of the top rack. So almost 🙂


I put things like the blender lid, measuring cups, small bowls, and large utensils on the back (lower) half of the top rack.


My kitchen is narrow and it was hard to get a side shot but in this photo you can see how the top rack dips down in the back.



Q: What brand is it and where can I buy it?

There is only one brand who makes a dishwasher like this and that is GE. You can buy it at Home Depot and can opt to have it installed when it gets delivered. They will even take away your old dishwasher for you.



So as someone who has had one of these for over 10 years, I am super happy with this dishwasher. If you have a small or odd shaped kitchen, this is a great use of space. I even had a reader tell me she ended up getting one even though she has a large kitchen because she thought it just made sense since the under sink area is wasted space otherwise.

If you have any other questions about my dishwasher that I didn’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments below!



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This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. They provided product but the thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

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