Different audio playback volumes annoy you? Wale for Windows fixes that

Wale, which stands for Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer, is a free open source software program for Windows to normalize Windows audio levels.

Did you ever run into audio playback issues that caused the volume of audio to be too loud in application and not nearly loud enough in another? Or audio issues on the same site when you play different videos?

While you can use the volume slider on websites, the native volume controls for applications that Windows provides to change the audio level or speaker volume controls, having to do so regularly is not overly comfortable.

Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer attempts to fix the issue by adjusting audio playback while it is active on the Windows PC.

Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer


The program interface looks intimidating at first, and even more so if you are not familiar with certain audio-related terms.

Note: Windows may throw a smartscreen warning when you try to install the program on the Windows PC. A scan on Virustotal came up negative except for one antivirus engine that reported a hit (Qihoo-360). A portable version is also available.

Wale adds an icon to the system tray area that you need to interact with to configure it. A double-click opens the main interface which is divided into the three tabs View, Config, and Log.

View displays information about running processes that play audio for the most part and some general audio related information.

wale config

You may want to switch to Config on first start to configure base parameters; some of these may intimidate you even further but it is just a matter of trial and error to get the configuration right. The program has a “return to default” button to restore the program defaults.

What you may want to do is verify that the base level is set correct. Volume will be louder if you increase the base level and quieter if you decrease it.

You will notice that Wale adjusts the volume of application’s that play audio automatically. The volume slider may adjust itself multiple times or even all the time to find the right playback level for audio.

Wale supports a handful of additional configuration options: you may use them to set the process priority, update intervals and other variables.

Closing Words and verdict

Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer attempts to keep the volume of any audio playing on the Windows device it runs on in user defined levels. If you encounter too loud or too quiet audio often, even while using a single application, you may want to give it a try to improve your experience.

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