Donate toys to the young friends of Gwinnett stabbing victims

A “tight-knit” community of mobile homes in Loganville was shaken when four children and their father were stabbed to death and a fifth child was gravely injured earlier this month. The children’s mother has been charged in the deaths and remains in jail.

You can help the young neighbors who often played with the child victims and have been “deeply affected” by their killings, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office said.

The department is looking for items for kids age 12 and under. There are 12 boys and 14 girls between six and 12 years old in the neighborhood; and five boys and two girls under six years old. 

The sheriff’s office is also looking for a business that sells playground equipment that would be willing to donate a new play set for the community’s small playground.

Anyone with questions can contact Deputy Shannon Volkadov at

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