Get Real: 19 Baby Names Inspired By Reality TV

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Reality TV has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. From pop culture to the literal White House, for better or worse, reality TV has become, well, real or at least a real part of our lives. As with anything so all-consuming and a fixture of our day-to-day lives, it makes sense that it would impact popular baby names. 

For years the names Bentley and Jace have been trending thanks to Teen Mom. Anyone interested in a name beginning with K or J needs to look no further than the Duggars or Kardashians for a slew of names that are alphabetically similar. In fact, the first draft of this article was literally going to be just every J-named Duggar plus all of the Counting On offspring, but really who has that sort of time to type that all out!? (Plus my fingers started to cramp.)

Skipping the obvious reality TV-inspired baby names (love you Kendall but no one needs this list to think of your name) and also skipping names that feel less than popular (looking at you Jinger with a J), there is still a plethora of baby name inspo floating around on our TVs, ours for the taking. Whether we consider the names of the reality stars themselves or their cleverly named children, there are a variety of reality options, ranging from the Real Housewives to The Bachelor to the kooky Masked Singer

Going beyond the usual name picks while still somehow refraining from encouraging everyone to name their babies The Situation Part 2, we picked names that stray from the beaten path, or at least, are not from the most dog-eared page of The Complete Baby Name Book in the library. The newest installment of Project Runway is about to grace our TVs (and laptops and cell phones) and while we don’t yet know which contestants we’ll fall in love with, we know we already obsessed with some of their names!

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