Google Camera Adds Selfie Flash, Double-Tap to Zoom


Today, 7:34 AM   by Eric M. Zeman   @phonescooper

The native Google Camera application, most often found on Nexus and Pixel phones, now includes a selfie flash. The flash works similar to that of the iPhone in that it fires a burst on the screen itself. The flash does not appear to test for white balance like the iPhone’s does, and instead maintains an off-white cream color when it fires. The selfie flash can be set to on, off, or auto, and can help provide more light when taking selfies in dark spaces. The Google Camera app also gains a new zooming behavior. Quickly double-tapping the screen will cause the camera to zoom in. Double-tapping again will cause the camera to zoom out. A single tap still sets focus and exposure. Google Camera 4.4 is rolling out in the Google Play Store now.

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