Google Search update makes searching for movie showtimes better

If you ever use Google to search for information on movies in theaters, then you’re going to be excited about an update that Google is pushing right now.

Google has announced that its rolling out improvements to Google Search that’ll help you pick a movie when you’re thinking about going to the theater. With it, you can quickly compare movies by factors like ratings, showtimes, theater location, and more, all in the same view. You can also buy tickets by clicking on a showtime, just like before.

If you have a certain theater that you prefer to visit, you can see what’s playing and narrow your search with filters.

These changes are now rolling out in Google Search on mobile browsers as well as in the Google app for Android. It’s available in the U.S. and India in English and Hindi. The features will roll out to the Google app for iOS soon.

When you’re looking for a movie to see, it can be difficult to quickly compare showtimes or even decide which movie you want to see. These Google Search changes should make both of those things much easier, so the next time that you’re thinking about going to see a movie, give Google Search and these features a try.

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