HTC wants to update U11 to enable Bluetooth 5.0

It looks like HTC is planning to update its flagship U11 with a new feature.

HTC has submitted documents to the FCC to say that it intends to enable Bluetooth 5.0 on the U11 via a software update. “The major change is to enable bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change,” says HTC’s letter to the FCC. The letter was submitted on July 11th.

Bluetooth 5.0 offers several improvements over older versions, including increased range and transfer speeds as well as the ability to send audio to two sets of wireless speakers or headphones at the same time. 

HTC hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this U11 update, so it’s unclear when Bluetooth 5.0 might be enabled on the U11. 

HTC U11 Bluetooth 5.0 update FCC letter

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