iOS 11.2 brings faster wireless charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8

Apple previously said that a future iOS 11 update would enable faster wireless charging on the iPhone X and iPhone 8, and now it looks like we know which update that’ll be.

The iOS 11.2 beta update includes faster wireless charging for the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The phones currently support 5W charging speeds, but the update will bump that up to 7.5W.

MacRumors tested an iPhone X running iOS 11.2 and found that faster charging is indeed present. When charging with a Belkin wireless charging sold by Apple that supports 7.5W charging speeds, the iPhone X went from a 46 percent charge to 66 percent in 30 minutes. That same device went from 46 percent to 60 percent on a wireless charger that doesn’t support 7.5W charging.

Not all devices support the faster 7.5W wireless charging speeds. Both the Belkin and Mophie wireless chargers sold by Apple do, as well as some chargers from other companies. 

Faster charging is always a good thing, and so it’s good to know that faster wireless charging is coming soon with the iOS 11.2 update. Apple hasn’t said when it’ll release iOS 11.2 to the public, but the company did release its third iOS 11.2 beta update yesterday, so we could see a public rollout in a few weeks based on Apple’s previous iOS betas.

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