Latest Intel Graphics driver supports automatic game optimization

Intel’s latest graphics driver for Windows supports the automatic configuration of game settings to improve the gaming experience on machines with integrated Intel graphics adapters.

The new feature is available as a beta version right now with limited game support. You do need the Intel Graphics Driver for Windows version or later, and also supported hardware.

The automated configuration of games is supported on Intel Graphics on 6th generation Core processors or higher including Intel Core processors with Radeon RX Vega M graphics.

Intel is introducing a new feature with the ability to automatically configure game settings for Intel Graphics on 6th Gen Core Processors or higher (including systems with 8th Gen Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics). Look for the ‘Gaming icon’ in the Graphics Control Panel. This feature is still in beta so game availability and functionality is limited.

Intel HD Graphics Gaming

intel hd graphics gaming

You find the new “gaming” option when you open the Intel Graphics Settings after installation of the latest driver. You can do so with a right-click on the desktop and the selection of Intel Graphics Settings from the context menu.

You receive a prompt the first time you click on “gaming”. Intel explains that the feature will “access the game configuration file and make modifications to the original game settings” when you enable the functionality.

The list of support games includes classics as well as some of the latest smash hits. To name a few: Dota 2, Destiny 2, Dark Souls III, Overwatch, World of Tanks, or League of Legends, Call of Duty WWII, Grand Theft Auto V.

Gaming lists detected games and options to optimize them. Selecting optimize modifies settings for the best game experience on the machine. There is also a restore option to restore the default settings and another option to view the current settings.

I tried to get Gaming to work on a PC with an Intel Core i7-6700K processor but could not. While Gaming was an option after installation of the latest graphics driver, no game was listed even though I installed Dota 2 from Steam to test the functionality. A reboot did not resolve this either unfortunately.

Gaming is listed as a beta feature; I guess issues like the one experienced on the test system are to be expected.

Intel notes that the new driver includes other improvements:

  • Enhanced performance of graphics workloads for 6th Gen Core processors or higher with intelligent power management under maximum load.
  • Improved performance in video encoding for all codecs.
  • Power saving optimizations during video playback and UHD gaming is now available on all 7th Gen Core processors and higher.

Closing Words

While I prefer to adjust game settings manually as my preferences may not always align with those applied by automated systems, from Nvidia for instance, I can see this as a powerful option for gamers who need assistance when it comes to configuring games for the best gaming experience.

Now You: Do you play games on your PC? Do you tweak them for optimal performance?

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