Man caught on dash cam breaking into cars at marina on the 4th

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A day at the lake was spoiled for some families by a car burglar with a crowbar.  

Metro police told News 2 at least four cars were broken into on the Fourth of July while people were out on the lake at Elm Hill Marina.  

Jonathan Acevedo is one of those victims.  

“It goes to show you. You can’t even enjoy a peaceful time in a public area,” said Acevedo.  

Acevedo said his brother borrowed his Toyota Avalon on the fourth and went to the lake.   

When he returned, he found broken glass and a bent window frame. The thief only took a t-shirt.  

What the thief didn’t realize was that Acevedo’s car was equipped with a dash cam that captured a bald man going to several cars in the parking lot, hiding, and ducking down when people approached.  

The video showed the bald man nervously looking over his shoulder, then sliding between parked cars to hide.   

It also shows him lurking suspiciously in the darkness. The man is wearing a t-shirt that says, “here’s the beef”.  

The camera showed him hiding from people from vehicles, wearing gloves and clutching what appears to be a crowbar.   

“What if that was my wife or child confronting the guy while in the car? I can only imagine what he would’ve done being confronted. Someone is coming off the lake. The only weapon you have coming off the lake is flip-flops,” said Acevedo.  

And to the thief, Acevedo said, “Go get a job. Everyone is working hard to enjoy family time. I’m not working for you to go on a shopping spree in my car.” 

Police said multiple victims report purses and valuables taken at this same location.   

Calls to the marina were not returned.  

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