Microsoft Edge now supports Android tablets and Apple iPad

Late last year, Microsoft’s Edge browser officially launched on Android and iPhone. Now it’s expanding to tablets.

Microsoft Edge is now available on Android tablets and Apple’s iPad. With it, you’ll get the same mobile browsing experience as you would using Edge on your phone, including Favorites, Reading List, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords. And if you’re using Edge on your tablet and your PC, you can immediately open the page from your tablet on your PC.

In addition to adding tablet support to Edge, Microsoft has improved the user sign in and sign out experience and added miscellaneous performance enhancements, too.

Tablet support is a big addition to Microsoft Edge for mobile. Now users that’ve gotten used to browsing with Edge on their phone or PC can use Edge on their tablet, complete with the same feature set that they’ve become accustomed to on their other devices.

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