Mom Battling Breast Cancer Gives Birth and the Photos Are Breathtaking

breast cancer mom gives birth
Bonnie Hussey Photography

Maria Crider was 11 weeks pregnant when she found the lump in her breast — but her doctor was sure she was fine. “It could be a number of things. Cancer at your age is unlikely,” he told the Orlando, Florida, mom. Unlikely didn’t mean impossible. In fact, while cancer during pregnancy is uncommon, breast cancer is one of the most likely to pop up during pregnancy.


Three weeks later, Crider got the diagnosis. She was 27, pregnant with her third child, and facing triple negative breast cancer, a form of the cancer that affects about 10 to 20 percent of all breast cancer sufferers and is most likely to show up in younger women.

Crider spoke with CafeMom about her pregnancy and her battle with cancer, and her photographer, Bonnie Hussey, shared the moving photos of Crider giving birth to baby Logan and her fight to breastfeed her baby boy. 

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