Nuke Anything Enhanced for Firefox 57

Nuke Anything Enhanced is the WebExtensions based version of the popular web page element remover for the Firefox web browser.

We reviewed Nuke Anything Enhanced back in 2007 for the first time; back then, as a tool to prepare web pages for printing. The main feature of the browser extension for Firefox is to remove page elements such as menus, advertisement, media, and practically anything else that is visible on the screen from websites.

This process is temporary online, and ideal for preparing a site before you print it, or for reading long articles on site with distracting elements on them.

Nuke Anything Enhanced for Firefox 57

nuke anything enhanced

Nuke Anything Enhanced was updated recently, and released as a WebExtension. This ensures compatibility with Firefox 57, as Mozilla plans to end support for legacy add-ons in the browser once the version is released.

This particular version of the extension comes with two options to use the functionality that it adds to the browser. You may either right-click on the element that you want removed from a page, and select Nuke Anything > Remove this object from the context menu, or enable keyboard mode instead.

Keyboard mode is useful, as it remains active until you leave it. To remove elements in keyboard mode, hover over them with the mouse cursor and hit the X-key on the keyboard. This removes the element from the page automatically. Since you stay in the mode, you can repeat the process to remove several objects in rapid succession from the page.

You may use the U-key in that mode to undo the last removal, and the Esc-key to exit the mode and return to normal browsing mode.

Another option that you have is to select elements, e.g. text, and use the right-click menu to remove anything else that is on the page. This may be faster depending on the layout of the page.

Closing Words

Nuke Anything Enhanced is a handy browser extension for Firefox. It is a great extension for Firefox users who print web pages regularly, but has its uses in other cases as well, for instance when you are a regular on a site that displays distracting elements on the screen regularly, and if you spend quite a bit of time on that site.

Check out our guide on manipulating pages in Firefox as well for additional tips.

Now You: Do you use a content remover add-on for these and other purposes?

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