Password Manager KeePass 2.41 released

Dominik Reichl, the developer of the password manager KeePass Password Safe, released KeePass 2.41 on January 10, 2019. The new version of the password manager introduces a new security feature that prevents data from being stored in the Windows Clipboard history and cloud clipboard.

KeePass 2.41 is available as a download on the developer site. The KeePass program does not support automatic updates; users may be informed about the update, however, when they run the application.

keepass 2.41 update

KeePass 2.41 is available as a portable version and installer; users who have installed KeePass on Windows PCs can run the installer to upgrade the existing installation to the latest version. All data is preserved during the process.

Select Help > About KeePass to verify that the new version installed correctly.

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KeePass 2.41

KeePass 2.41 includes a new security option that deals with Windows 10’s new clipboard history and cloud clipboard functionality. KeePass prevents that copied data is stored in the Windows clipboard history or the cloud clipboard; the option is enabled by default. KeePass users who want the functionality can disable the protection under Tools > Options > Security > Do not store data in the Windows clipboard history and the cloud clipboard.

keepass cloud clipboard

Another new option gives users control over the ESC-key. A tap on the ESC-key while KeePass is active closes the application by default; users may change this to another default action, e.g. the locking of the application, minimizing, or doing nothing.

Go to Tools > Options > Interface > Esc keypress in main window.

keepass esc-key action

Other new features include an option to “ignore search settings of groups” when using the find option, support for zooming images when the internal data viewer is used, and workarounds for a Windows RTF character encoding bug and Mono input focus restoration problem on form activation.

The list of improvements that made it into KeePass 2.41 is equally large. To name just a few:

  • Auto-complete does not append suggestions anymore but shows a list of suggestions only which the user may select.
  • Improved text rendering and code optimizations.
  • During imports and sync operations, a status dialog is displayed only if the main window is not constructed completely. Otherwise, the status of the operation is shown in the main window.
  • The commands “Find Similar Passwords (Pairs)”, “Find Similar Passwords (Cluster)” and “Password Quality Report” ignore TAN entries.
  • Plugin dialog displays plugins alphabetically. Satellite assemblies are not attempted to be loaded as plugins anymore.
  • Reading of KDBM XML files with unknown elements.

You can check out the full changelog on the official KeePass website.

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Password Manager KeePass 2.41 released

Article Name

Password Manager KeePass 2.41 released


Dominik Reichl, the developer of the password manager KeePass Password Safe, released KeePass 2.41 on January 10, 2019.


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