Shoppers Concerned that Toys ‘R’ Us May Close

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Every Toys “R” Us store in America could soon close.

CNN and the Wall Street Journal are reporting Toys “R” Us could go out of business next week.

In January, the chain announced it would close about 180 stores. Now business journals say every store, about 800 in all, may close.

Shoppers in our area have been rushing to use up gift cards and pay off layaway items just in case.

“I grew up with Toys “R” Us. It kind of hurts,” said Jarrett Guziejka of Kingston,

Shoppers at the Toys “R” Us along Kidder Street in Wilkes-Barre were disappointed to hear all Toys “R” Us stores could close.

Many people stopped in Monday because they heard the news.

“I came in today because I heard they were all shutting down and I wanted to see if there were any big sales going on,” said Charles Payne of Plymouth.

The Toys “R” Us corporate office would not allow us to go inside the store but customers who went inside told us so far they aren’t seeing any big sales and the shelves are well stocked.

“It’s kind of sad because this is the only toy store that we really have around here,” said Alice Beers of Kingston,

Beers prefers shopping at stores rather than online but she and others know a lot of people prefer digital browsing.

“Everybody buys things online now. I’m not going to lie. I buy a lot on Amazon myself,” said Charles Payne of Plymouth.

Others think kids just aren’t as into toys as they used to be.

“You can give a 2 year old a tablet and you have a hundred games on there instead of a toy that distracts them for an hour,” Guziejka added.

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